Tips for an Effective Driveway Cleaning

Now that your home is ready to hit the market, here are a few tips for getting it sold quickly and efficiently.

  • Invest in good listing photos – First impressions matter, so make sure your home’s listing photos highlight the home’s best features. Invest in a professional photographer who has experience with real estate photography. Your realtor should be able to help you enlist a qualified photographer so that you don’t have to search for one. Remember: You don’t need photos of every single room and closet in the home. Photos showcasing the home’s best features and selling points are a great way to entice buyers to schedule a showing.
  • Plan an open house – If you’re willing, host an open house with your realtor to create buzz around the new listing. Open houses are a great way to attract all sorts of buyers and buyer’s agents. If you end up with multiple bids – or even one great offer – in one day, you might not have to show your home over the course of multiple weeks.
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  • Be flexible with showings – Showing a home to buyers is never convenient. But if you want to sell quickly and maximize your selling price, it’s important to remain flexible and accommodating when showing a house to qualified buyers. We recommend keeping your house as clean as possible and having a place where you can quickly dump clutter when needed, such as a car, outdoor shed or portable storage unit.
  • Market your home effectively – In today’s housing market, your realtor must have a good deal of marketing know-how, such as using social media channels, emails, mailers and events to stir up interest in your home. A good realtor should be able to harness different marketing strategies to find potential buyers.
  • Avoid over-improving your home – While it’s important to get your house in top condition when listing it, you shouldn’t tackle costly additions and improvements – especially if you want to sell the home quickly. Renovations can take months to finish. To sell quickly and efficiently, try simple improvements, such as decluttering, repainting, and fixing obvious issues, such as holes in the wall.

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