Like crayons, everyone has their favorite color. If there were right and wrong colors, Crayola wouldn’t place 48 or more hues in a box. You probably have your own color which is on the top of your list, or maybe even a group of colors. In order to give any room a personal touch, most people choosing curtain colors like to bring in some of their preferred pigments and shades. If you are one of the not-too-rare males or very rare females who are color blind, you definitely want to ask a friend to shop with you and give advice. Whereas the person who sees only black, white and gray is extremely rare, there are many more individuals who have problems discerning shades of green and red.

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There are many factors that dictate the shade, hue or intensity when choosing curtain colors. In which room will the curtains be used? The curtains you select for your master bedroom will definitely be a different color, texture and fabric than the ones you select for your kitchen. Is the room large, small or somewhere in between? What color are the walls? Are your floors natural wood, colored or patterned tiles or carpeting? What is the theme of your room and what is your decorating style?

For an example, we will use your den. It is a fairly large room at 12’ x 16’. You have dark wood floors and the walls are neutral medium beige.  Right out of the box you have one big boring room, but you are about to change that. If your den was a small room, you would definitely want to use lighter color curtains to make the room appear larger. But since your den is a generous size, you can easily use darker colors and jewel tones to add warmth and comfort.

In selecting curtain colors you really want to consider the theme of your room. Since this is your den, is your intent to make the room a warm retreat for yourself and visitors? Do you want to create a European look, retro or a place to display trophies and team colors? Is this the room where you have a sleeper sofa and converts to a guest room? Your intent, or theme, will play an important factor when choosing curtain colors.

However, since your walls are beige and you have hardwood floors, you almost have a blank slate. What is the color of your furniture and what type of fabrics are used. If you have the neutral surrounds with black leather sofa and chairs, you definitely will not want to be using light sheer panels on your windows. If you have kept most of your furniture in beiges and earth tones you have a surprisingly vast array of warm, colorful choices in panels, curtains, and window treatments that will truly make a difference in your room.

Now, what is your decorating style? Do you tend to go for more modern or contemporary? You may consider darker shades of browns, blacks and grays. If you are more traditional, then the world is your proverbial oyster. You can use emerald green, vibrant blues, deep purples or reds. You can even go for the lighter shades of lime, lemon and tangerine.

In choosing curtain colors you can decorate in a rustic style by selecting natural fabrics like canvas, linen, cotton and synthetics in colors that you would find in a cabin at the lake or in the mountains. A southwest style can be easily achieved using the colors of Native Americans in the reds, yellows, oranges, browns and turquoises. Maybe you have wanted a Tuscan style. You will find a wealth of stripes and patterns that are reminiscent of villas and homes with colorful borders and textures.

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