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Most marketing strategies begin with a couple of things: content, products… and social media.

While using social media isn’t required to grow a business, it can certainly help in most cases. an awesome 92% of marketers in 2014 reported that they place a high value on social media.

In the modern marketing landscape, social media allows you to succeed in almost anyone, regardless of what niche your business is in.

But simply because marketers recognize the importance of social media doesn’t mean their skills to use it effectively.

As you’ll see, more and more marketers are spending large amounts of your time on social media (16+ hours per week) annually.

It’s not just marketers either—CEOs roll in the hay also. Another survey found that 43% of CEOs spend quite 6 hours per week on social media.

1. Batching always wins
The best marketers, SEOs, entrepreneurs, and writers that I do know all add batches.

Batching may be a “productivity hack” that has been used for several years by businesses to enhance efficiency in a sort of way.

It helps due to these 3 main reasons:

It reduces transition time – Whenever you start a task, it takes you a couple of seconds or minutes to work out where you stand, what you would like to try to do, and the way you’ll start. When batching, you simply specialize in doing one task, so you eliminate all subsequent transition time wastage.

It simplifies things – Switching among many tasks throughout the day is exhausting. once you know you simply have a couple of main tasks to try to do during a day (in larger batches, of course), it’s less intimidating.
You can work faster – Switching among many tasks means you’ve got to vary your focus multiple times. whenever you turn your focus, you lose any momentum you’ve built up. you’ll never get “in the zone.”

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2. Understand what you’re trying to accomplish
Social media may be a time killer for the overall population, but when you’re using it for business, it shouldn’t be.

When you log into Twitter, Facebook, or whichever network(s) you employ, you shouldn’t be scrolling through a feed of updates just to ascertain what’s new. Your social media activity should be for one purpose.

What is the aim of your social media presence?

Are you trying to realize followers? While it depends on the precise network, the overall rule for gaining followers on social media is to follow people first (a portion will follow back) and post interesting content in order that they don’t unfollow you later.

3. Narrow your focus and save time
Marketers and entrepreneurs see opportunities everywhere.

If you see the potential in everything, that’s an excellent trait to possess.

The problem that the majority of those people face (possibly you) is that they snap at quite they will chew.

They try to tackle every problem and cash in on each opportunity but soon find they’re burned-out and making no real progress.

If you spread yourself too thin, you can’t fully cash in on any single opportunity.

When it involves something like social media, consistency is everything. If you’re trying to move on 5 or 6 different networks, you won’t be effective on any.

Start with one network, maybe two, then add another after a couple of months if all is well.

4. Create a calendar or face the results
Social media is incredibly easy to ignore.

If you miss a couple of posts here and there, there won’t be any immediate consequence.

But as I said before, consistency is that the most vital factor when it involves social media success.

A social media calendar (or schedule) may be a necessity if you would like to use social media to grow your business.

The calendar will allow you to be consistent, keep it up the track, and track your results. Tracking your results is required if you would like to work out your progress and ROI.

A social media calendar/schedule is often found out in any way you wish—it’s up to you. But I’ll show you a couple of different options to assist you to opt for what you would like yours to seem like.

Option #1 – Use a spreadsheet: Spreadsheets are incredibly versatile, which is why they will work for almost any business.

5. Monitor mentions with tools
Instead of messing around with each individual network, you’ll use tools to seek out when a reader or customer mentions you.

Usually, these are important messages to reply to, so it’s an honest idea to watch them than address all of them in your scheduled sessions for social media.

Option #1 – Search your brand with This tool is analogous to Google Alerts but focuses on social media.

Once you create an account, you enter a keyword (such as your brand name), and it’ll automatically monitor social media sites for any mentions.

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