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Who would have thought that a horror title can quickly become even more terrifying in such a brief amount of time? Well, Phasmophobia has done that job amazingly well because, in update 3, the ghosts have gotten an intelligence boost, and that they don’t fiddle. The horror factor is increased by over 9000 when it involves the larger maps of the sport, as not are you able to quickly run and conceal within the safety of the truck. Are you able to revisit your role as Ghost Hunter?

Phasmophobia Asylum map layout
The Asylum map is Phasmophobia’s biggest map to play on, so it’s understandable to urge lost or lose your way when trying to seek out the sort of ghost that’s haunting the place, in order that you’ll leave as quickly as possible. Luckily, the community has created some pretty detailed maps for gamers to use, to speak better, or simply to understand exactly where they are!

Phasmophobia Asylum Map

The map above is that the Asylum map; it’s the rooms identified as numbers, as numbers are easier to scream than remembering what room you’re in. Even more in order that if your friends are using this map, albeit you give the incorrectly numbered room, they will still locate the world, you’re in. Another good thing about this map is that it tells you where key functions are by using colored icons, like Fuseboxes, Light Switches, and Cameras.

This map is actually stellar, but that’s tons of numbers to memorize!

The map above may be a more detailed version of the Asylum map, where all the rooms are named after what they’re, which is ideal for those that are well and truly lost. Also, if the truck watcher has this map open, they will track where one another party member is found then communicate this to the remainder of the team.

As we said, this map is amazingly detailed, right right down to the cone angle of the Asylum cameras, which are even-numbered to be used. Maverick has even displayed the windows on the map, that it’s quite scary to ascertain that there’s no escape in the least aside from exiting out the front door!

Both these maps are amazing and are bound to help players worldwide find their way around the Asylum map. Though Kinetic Games are performing on three new maps from what we will gather from their Trello Board, and a couple of them potentially are going to be bigger than the Asylum, which may be a truly terrifying thought.

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