Best Keyboards for designers 2020: The Best Tech Guide

This article is about the best keyboards for designers. 

When someone starts the method of shopping for tech to fill their office and help their business grow, the foremost likely piece that’s forgotten about is that the keyboard. Honestly, once you buy a personal computer, are you actually buying it for the keyboard or for the specs within the computer tower?

Along with the mouse, the keyboard is definitely the foremost important piece of tech you’ll own as you employ it the foremost, so why not get the simplest one that you simply can?

With that in mind, we wanted to assist you to get the simplest keyboard to form that PC hum and that’s just what we’re getting to do with our greatest Keyboards for Designers in 2020 post.

What do you have to search for in an awesome keyboard? there’s surprisingly quite you would possibly think, so let’s start there.

What to think about When Choosing The Best Keyboards for Designers

If we asked you what you search for during a keyboard, many of us would quite likely say that they didn’t know. It’s a keyboard in any case. If it were 1996, those people would be right.

But in 2020, keyboards, like many other pieces of technology, lately multitask and are used for quite just using it to type on a screen. this suggests ensuring you think about certain things first will assist you to find the simplest keyboard for your work. Remember an honest craftsman never blames his tools, so here is what you ought to consider before buying a keyboard.

  1. Differing types of Keyboards

When you start shopping, you’re likely getting to run into differing types of keyboards. this will get quite confusing if you’ve never used quite one sort of keyboard. To help, let’s check out each the three sorts of keyboards:


Ergonomic keyboards are specifically designed to assist reduce the strain which will be caused by employing a standard keyboard. Good ergonomic keyboards suit you using them and not the opposite way around. Repetitive strain injuries are a true concern for those that may use a typical keyboard for extended periods of your time throughout the day. If possible, try the keyboard before you purchase, to form sure it works for you.


From the surface, a mechanical keyboard looks a bit like the other keyboard. The difference between them is that with a mechanical keyboard, they’re built with quality key switches, which in most cases, are spring-activated. For many, employing a mechanical keyboard gives a more tactile feel when typing. While these sorts of keyboards can provide a more satisfying typing experience, they will be costlier than typical keyboards.


In the previous couple of years approximately, the creation of wireless keyboards has let people work almost anywhere in their office without being handcuffed to their PC’s. Communicating through a Bluetooth connection, the variability of keyboards available can run the entire gamut and also include both mechanical and ergonomic keyboards. If you wish the thought of having the ability to figure without getting knotted up in cords, then a wireless keyboard is a superb choice.

  1. Sort of Work Being Done

Keyboards designed today are much different from those that came with computers years ago. Keyboards, like many other pieces of tech, are tailored to suit into a selected niche. Many of those specialized keyboards have special keys that will be programmed to accomplish things that may be a part of your work. Picking a keyboard that’s designed to assist you with the work you’re doing is extremely important.

  1. Keystrokes

When you buy a keyboard, ensuring that the keystrokes feel comfortable and not an excessive amount of like tapping away on a typewriter, which was notoriously tough to type on. If you’ll, try the keys out beforehand to ascertain how it feels to type thereon. Does it have a chump that’s responsive or does it require you to use a touch more force to press the key down? Everyone features a different preference. the sort of switch that the keyboard uses, which is that the mechanism that responds once you depress on a key can make all the difference when it involves the comforts, sensitivity, and amount of noise created once you type.

  1. Compatibility

When PC’s first starting appearing in homes, keyboards plugged in employing a PS/2 connector and are thankfully obsolete. lately, many keyboards connect in one of two ways. Most, especially people who come prepackaged with a computer connect through USB ports and these are often the chosen connection method for several keyboard manufacturers today. However, many consumers have grown uninterested in all of the wires that get within the way and makers listened created wireless keyboards that typically via Bluetooth and may make using the keyboard away easier experience counting on things.

  1. Design

Long gone are the times of the bleach white block-style keyboards that might change to a yellow hue the longer you used it. With the requirements of users being so different lately, keyboard manufacturers have had to urge creative to satisfy those needs. Whether it’s an ergonomic keyboard, a foldable one for straightforward transport, or one that you simply can use with a tablet. The old days are long gone and therefore the options range far and wide.

  1. Extra Functions

As previously mentioned, any keyboard makers design their products to suit certain niches so as to serve them better. one of these changes in design includes adding extra function keys which will assist you to hook up with the web, change the quantity easier, and if the keyboard works well with a program, you’ll program hotkeys for repetitive tasks.

  1. Price

If you’ve read any of our other guides, you recognize that it always comes right down to the worth because the thing to think about when buying the simplest piece of tech. this is often no different from a keyboard. While we expect spending crazy amounts of cash on a keyboard could also be comfortable with some, for many, the simplest keyboard won’t necessarily break the bank.

The Best Keyboards for Designers in 2020

Choosing the simplest keyboard for the work that you simply do maybe a lot like finding the simplest pair of sneakers. once you have them on, you would like to feel comfortable and supported whenever you set them on. the incorrect keyboard can affect how you are doing your work or maybe keep you from eager to use it, which within the end of the day will hurt your work.

  1. Logitech Craft: Best Keyboards for Designers

Best Keyboards for designers 2020: The Best Tech Guide

The best overall keyboard for designers

Size: 43×14.9×3.2cm | Weight: 960g | Range: Wireless to 10m | Power: Rechargeable (USB-C)

Multi-function Creative Input Dial

Backlit with ‘hand-detection

very expensive

Dial favors right-handers

Logitech‘s pitching squarely at designers, illustrators, and digital artists with this frankly excellent wireless keyboard, Logitech Craft, which could provide a tidy boost to both your creativity and your productivity, if you’ll afford it.

The real game-changer with this keyboard is its multi-function dial (the ‘Crown’) at the top-left, which enables you to regulate parameters in your favorite Adobe applications – including Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, and Premiere Pro – also as Microsoft Office packages.

You can concentrate and out, tap to point out and fine-tune tool parameters quickly and simply, and adjust everything from scale and opacity of objects to size, leading, and tracking of text.

  1. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum: Best Keyboards for Designers

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Best Keyboards for Designers

This RGB mechanical keyboard is not just for gamers

Size: 46.5×17.1×3.6cm | Weight: 1324g | Range: Wired (2m USB cable) | Switches: Cherry MX switches

Quality aluminum frame

Onboard memory to save lots of macros

Palm rest gets grubby quickly

Complex software

There’s nothing quite just like the feel of a good-quality mechanical keyboard, supplying you with proper crisp, tactile feedback on every keystroke by substituting the rubber domes employed by cheap models for correct, functional switches – usually from the Cherry MX range.

As well as lasting longer, mechanical keyboards also enable faster, more accurate typing. intensify the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum. Ostensibly a gaming keyboard, complete with RGB backlighting, it is also great for designers keen to assign macro functions to the six dedicated keys – for your most-used Adobe actions, as an example.

Thanks to its 8MB of onboard memory, these macros are often saved onto the keyboard itself, making it perfectly portable between machines once programmed (although the complex software makes this a touch tricky). just like the Logitech Craft, this is often never an inexpensive option, but if you create full use of its capabilities, it’s well worth the initial hit.

  1. Apple Magic Keyboard: Best Keyboards for Designers

Apple Magic Keyboard Best Keyboards for Designers

The best keyboard for designers employing a Mac

Interface: Wireless | Keyboard backlighting: Yes | Switches: Scissor

Thin and compact

A pleasure to use

Not cheap

White color gets dirty easily

If you’re employing a Mac for your design work (and there is a good chance that you simply are), then Apple’s own Magic Keyboard remains a superb option. this is often a skinny keyboard that also manages to be comfortable to use, with satisfyingly tactile feedback when used.

It manages this feat because of Apple’s ‘scissor’ mechanisms, which provides the keys much travel while keeping the general size of the keyboard down. it is so successful, in fact, that Apple now uses a version of its ‘scissor’ mechanisms within the keyboards of its new MacBooks.

It’s not just a pleasant looking keyboard, either, but one that lasts long also, because of Apple’s excellent build quality. it is easy to line up – just turn it on near your Mac and it’ll pair instantly with it. it is also got A battery that lasts a month before needing a charge.

  1. Corsair K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard: Best Keyboards for Designers

Corsair K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard Best Keyboards for Designers

An all-in-one solution that’s hard to beat

Size: 38.1×12.52×2.7cm | Weight: 480g


Complete solution

Small trackpad

Better options for gamers

Another offering from Corsair, the K83 Wireless Entertainment keyboard brings that something a touch extra. Not just a wireless keyboard, the K83 also includes a variety of game and media-focused features, including a little joystick control with click buttons, an integrated touchpad featuring tunable settings, and a volume roller to fine‑tune your audio.

But the features creative pros are going to be most curious about are tons more native. for instance, convenient hotkeys for straightforward media playback and navigation and USB convenient charging for up to 40 hours of continuous use. There’s also built-in 128-bit AES wireless encryption to assist protect keystrokes from wireless eavesdropping.

Add to that Bluetooth support for mobile devices and entertainment consoles and you have got an all-in-one keyboard solution that’s hard to beat.

  1. Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo: Best Keyboards for Designers

Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo Best Keyboards for Designers

Possibly the foremost beautiful keyboard out there

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: Yes | Switches: Roccat Titan Switches

Beautiful design

Great for gaming and typing


If you are a designer, then aesthetics are important, which suggests the Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo might be for you, as it’s one among the foremost beautiful keyboard we’ve ever seen. this is often because the keycaps only cover the highest of the key, leaving the switches exposed.

Along with the just about mandatory RGB lighting (this may be a keyboard primarily aimed toward gamers, after all), this provides the Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo a singular and crowd-pleasing look. it is the quite keyboard you’ll have sitting in your headquarters or studio and be pleased with.

It’s not all about looks, however. Those switches are Rooca’t own ‘Titan’ switches, and that they are tactile with many travels, which suggests this is often a keyboard that feels nearly as good because it looks.

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