How to plan a social media marketing campaign

Wondering how you can plan a social media marketing campaign?

If you’re a new feature coming out, a holiday that you would like to capitalize on, or perhaps you are releasing a brand new product; there are usually plenty of reasons to start a brand new campaign.

But to make sure your campaign is as effective as possible, you have to plan and strategize the campaign in advance.

That is exactly why you want a data-driven marketing strategy to help you shape the direction of your social media campaign to enhance the chances of yours of achieving the goals of yours.

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1. Set social media plan goals
The first question you have to ask before a campaign is: why am I running this campaign? Answering this question is going to determine other steps you take during your campaign.

In general, common goals for running social media campaigns include:

Boosting brand awareness
Acquiring leads
Boosting sales
Acquiring customers
Increasing engagement Nevertheless, after setting these goals, you have to be specific. What level of brand awareness do you wish to achieve with your campaigns? More site traffic? 2,000 new followers?

To set effective goals, they have to be time-bound, relevant, attainable, measurable, and specific () SMART.

Then, after establishing your goals, it is essential to state the metrics you will use to measure the achievement of your goals.

Make no mistake; goals are critical. In a CoSchedule survey, it was found that marketers who set goals were 376 % more likely to report success.

Moreso, it affects every aspect of your social media campaign and helps determine its failure or success.

2. Create buyer personas
Even if you create probably the best campaign content ever, if you are not targeting the right audience with your content, the campaign will probably fail. That is exactly why you have to understand your ideal target before a campaign.

A buyer persona is actually a document that contains extensive details of your ideal customers. This helps you to create messages in your campaigns that could resonate with the market of yours.

Several information to have in your buyer persona include:

Pain points
Favorite social media channels
Knowing these details will help you create messages to build trust and convince the prospects of yours to act.

3. Choose your social media channels
When running a social media campaign, you are likely to get much better results when focusing on a couple of social media channels.

From your buyer persona, you have an idea of your ideal audience’s favorite social media channels. Most times, it also depends upon the type of service or perhaps a product you are providing. For example, LinkedIn is actually a popular network for B2B companies because many decision-makers are actually present on the platform.

One other way to select social media channels for your campaign is to take a look at previous results on your site analytics. Which channels have referred more visitors to the site of yours in the past? Which channels have brought in more leads?

Stating these channels are going to affect the campaign of yours as each channel has its best practices. Moreover, each channel has its best content type and posting frequency. For instance, what works on Twitter will not always work on Instagram, and there is a big difference between LinkedIn and most other major social networks.

4. Have a social media calendar
When you run a social media campaign, timing is critical.

With a social media calendar, you can outline your content from the beginning of your campaign to the end.

With a calendar in place, your staff can concentrate on what must be done at a specific time. Some important jobs to have in your calendar include:

Content creation overview to track that content is produced in time.
Content curation posts: when to share curated content.
Employee advocacy posts: if/when your employees share updates from their personal accounts.
Social media updates for each channel throughout the campaign.
The social media calendar of yours will help make sure you do not miss any important steps in your strategy while also helping you be more effective with the time of yours.

5. Research the right tools to increase productivity
When running a social media campaign, you will inevitably need tools at various stages of your campaign. You can increase the chances of your being successful if you have a list of the equipment you should use at each stage of your social media plan.

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