Accessible and Affordable Music Marketing Tips

Music Marketing Tips

#1. Keep it old school
Certainly, we might be living in a digital era. Streaming platforms are actually dominant, and CDs are actually useful only to anthropologists. Nevertheless, there’ll always be music lovers who appreciate all things vintage. Additionally, over the past twelve years, annual sales of vinyl records in the U.S. have surged by fifteen times!

Go to record stores and advertise your brand the way you like – posters, buttons, stickers, and more. You can also ask an employee in case they are ready to play your latest music. I was in a record store when I first heard Australian prog outfit King Gizzard and Lizard Wizard, and I have been a massive fan ever since.

#2. Get on social media
Americans spend roughly twenty-four hours per week on the Internet. Thirty-three % of that online time is actually dedicated to social media, which comes out to over an hour each day of social media consumption.

Anyway, is social media actually an important part of your strategy? Is Radiohead’s In Rainbows criminally overlooked because folks think it is edgy to say Kid A is their favorite album?

Facebook is actually terrific for organizing and promoting upcoming concerts. Every month, hundreds of millions of customers use Facebook Events to find stuff to do in their neighborhoods and cities. In reality, Facebook Local, a standalone app, is actually designed to direct users to nearby Events based on the locations of theirs.

And, as of August 2018, Facebook allows you to sell concert tickets directly through the platform. Before, you’d to hope that someone who saw the Event of yours will remember to search for tickets online. No longer do you’ve to be concerned about losing that concert-goer.

#3….and create an awesome cross-platform community.
People often generalize hashtags as spam. Nevertheless, did you know that the band of yours can make use of them to bring fans together and produce a great, fun online community?

The impressive thing about your fans is they wish to spread the music of yours to new listeners. When you make a hashtag for the release of your newest single, EP, and album, you can rest assured that the loyal followers of yours are actually planning to use that hashtag too. And each time one of your fans shares it with the social media circles of theirs, tons of folks you have yet to reach are actually getting exposed to the band.

Hashtags also allow you to search for the individuals who are actually talking about you online and interact with them. Every music fan fantasizes about getting the opportunity to have a chat with the favorite artists of theirs. Be the artist who thanks fans for listening and answers the random questions theirs! This does great things for the public images of yours.

#4. Use contests to get more folks to the shows of yours.
Music – particularly live music – is about community. Among the best parts of seeing your favorite band live is actually reliving the experience with your friends immediately afterward.

The band of yours can tap into the social aspect of concerts by launching a contest! When you make a Facebook Event for your upcoming show in Seattle, allow your fans to know exactly how it works. Anyone who invites the newest folks to the Event gets a prize of your (or her) choice – a backstage pass, a free item of merch, and so on.

Running a competition this way is actually a fun, engaging way to get more folks at your shows. Additionally, you can do it for as many or perhaps as few shows as you like!

#5. Play a free show.
If there is one thing that beats music that is life, it is free to live music. Naturally, from an opportunity cost perspective, it is expensive to give up a night that you might be used to make money from a typical concert. Nevertheless, if you have the flexibility to occasionally play shows that are free in coffee houses, town commons, and parks, it could be a wonderful way to get the music of yours out there and look for new fans.

Additionally, in an era when ticket vendors charge exorbitant fees for no apparent reason other than turning a profit, putting the music of yours out for no cost is actually a surefire way to brand yourself as a cool, down-to-earth artist.

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