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Dubai is one of the most amazing cities on the planet today. Dubai is also regularly referred to as the
Festival City, City of Gold, and the shopping capital of the Middle East. No doubt, there are a lot of things
to do in Dubai, Click here for further information.

As far as Dubai entertainment is concerned, this beautiful city could simply be matched with cities such
as London, New York, Paris, etc. Actually, you will find everything which all these different cities have to
offer in one warm spot place; you got it right – Dubai.

Some of the various points of interest in Dubai include the various parks in Dubai, shopping malls,
restaurants and Dubai nightlife.

The biggest mall in the Middle East, MOE comprises about 2400,00 sq feet of the shopping area, movie
theaters, gaming area, mouth-watering cuisines, and art gallery from all around the planet. Its largest
claim to fame is the indoor ski slope, Ski Dubai.

Dubai Festival City called the World Class Waterfront lifestyle resort is one more out to be missed
the place. It comprises dining, shopping, homes, entertainment, hotels, schools, and offices in one location.
This sub-area of Dubai city provides the best microcosm of what Dubai fun is all about.

Dubai desert: You cannot visit Dubai without going on a desert safari. You will take in a 4×4 where you will
be driven on the dunes. You will then experience some local cuisine, belly dancing, and be capable to
buy some novelty items not to mention the camel ride too. A perfect deal of fun and definitely

Gold Soul: This is a total must if you are visiting the Emirate. The souk is like a shopping center which is
just allocated to gold. Even if you are not buying anything it is actually value visiting. One thing that
springs to mind is what all the Gold, where is all the security?

Palm Jumeirah: These handmade islands can be viewed from space and are a cluster of residential and
business properties. These comprise of mostly villas which have been purchased at a premium. This is
where the popular and rich generally purchase their homes.

Deira shopping center. One of the first big shopping areas in Dubai. Not as huge as the Mall of the
Emirates but this seems like more thrill. There is a big food court where you will view all the usual fast-food outlets as well as the kid’s areas next to it. It has big international brand names as well as a fantastic cinema that shows Bollywood, Hollywood, and local movies. So book your cheap holiday packages in Dubai online and save big. 

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